Cyber-Information Assurance (IA) Solution

May 1, 2020

AUSTIN, Texas – Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG) announces the release of flexible, compliant, and cost-effective Cyber-IA solution. This advanced platform provides customers with a solution designed to run the services that handles 80% of the heavy lift for meeting IA compliance requirements up front!

Daniel Griego, CISSP and PSG Senior Network Architect says –
“Our solution hosts the toolsets needed to provision security policies for both Linux and Windows OS Platforms. This compliant approach has the processing power to host domain services providing authentication, accounting, authorization, and policy management at both the operating and application systems levels. Additionally, we host and provide a “centralized” home for antivirus, cyber vulnerability tools, log collection and other services necessary to meet critical requirements for Cybersecurity”.

Many Cyber requirements are not mitigated during systems design and end up being implemented as “bolted-on” after-thought capabilities during mid-final implementation. PSG solutions have been designed and tailored to meet an 80% level of Cyber-IA compliance not only for our own platforms but to extend these capabilities to other integrated platforms within the enclave. This reduces on-site expenses and time in re-work to meet compliance requirements (in some case months). PSG’s solution utilizes enterprise level hardware and systems capabilities and avoids stove pipe implementations after the fact. PSG’s solution – minimizes complexity, costs, and time.

About Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG) – PSG is a Small Business (SB) corporation, Headquartered in Austin, Texas. PSG supports Critical Asset Customers such as DoD, DoE and Critical Infrastructure (CIP) applications. We hold requisite Authority To Operate (ATOs), Risk Management Framework (RMF) and numerous other required Certifications & Qualifications. Solutions and Expertise Include – Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Access Control (AC), Video Management Systems (VMS), SCIFs, Garrison & Tactical applications including UAS & advanced video solutions. PSG helps the US Government develop Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) solutions, integrates, deploys and support industry 3rd party products ranging from networks to intelligent edge sensor systems and Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).

Advanced Products:

  1. Cyber and Information Assurance (IA)
  2. VICADS -Video Management Systems (VMS)
  3. Command Control and Display Equipment (CCDE)
  4. Ground Based Radar (GBR)
  5. Long Range Cameras
  6. Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) solutions