About Us

Overview:  Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG) – Corporate Headquarters, Austin, Texas.  PSG develops, integrates and markets Government-Off-The-Shelf (GOTS) and Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) advanced, certified security solutions for the critical asset marketplace.  We hold Nuclear certifications, requisite Authority To Operate (ATO’s), Risk Management Framework (RMF) and numerous Certifications/Qualifications, is a GSA approved TAA/NDAA compliant supplier.

  • Solutions:   Further reducing costs, our Cyber Secure HPC open cluster architecture allows hosting of any 3rd Party Command and Control (C2) applications for any Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS), Access Control (AC) to include AI/ML and 3rd party applications ranging from sensors to highly integrated and complex systems such as Ground Based Radar (GBR) and specialized long range day/night camera systems.  Scene Authentication, is PSG’s latest product. Our patented video technology meets the most stringent Critical Asset specifications for anti-spoofing, tamper and sabotage of camera scenes – FIPS 140-2 and GSA approved.

    Utilizing a Cyber Secure, Zero Architecture model we have developed multiple industry firsts with supporting patents, providing authenticated data from edge devices to Operation “C2” centers.  PSG holds global OEM agreements with Hewlett Packard and Dell, work extensively with the US Federal Government, agencies, DOD, DOE, Prime Contractors, etc. and the industrial global critical asset markets.   Click here to read our News. 
  • Management & Corporate Experience:  PSG possesses a highly qualified senior management and employee team, we are supported by industries most qualified Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).  We own a proven history in developing/deploying advanced, innovative, cost-effective, integrated solutions, securing some of the world’s most Critical Assets (1,400 + locations globally). We are a solutions provider on numerous global Nuclear Programs and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) applications.  Over 200 years of seasoned management experience in the integrated security solutions market. We are able to provide robust and capable leadership supporting 24/7 mission-critical applications.  PSG’s advanced, integrated video solution (VMS) is Nuclear Certified (PL1N – PL4) and deployed globally.
  • Expertise:  Innovation and Advanced Solutions – PSG offers an open architecture Cyber secure, High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster able to integrate (virtualize) any Command and Control (C2), any Intrusion Detection System (IDS), any Access Control (AC) and any Camera solution.  We provide low cost, advanced Field Panels providing authenticated PKI data from edge sensor services (IDS/ACS), cameras to an Operations Center (BDOC).  We offer SCIF’s, Garrison and Tactical solutions.  3rd party products include sophisticated and secure field panels, intelligent edge sensor systems and advanced platforms such as; Cyber and Information Assurance (IA), Command Control (C2), Display Equipment (CCDE), Ground Based Radar (GBR), Wide Area, Long Range and IR Cameras, Integrated Unmanned Aircraft Surveillance (i-UAS) solutions and emerging technologies (advanced Radiation Sensors).
  • Quality:  PSG, an industry leader takes great pride in delivering high quality product solutions and services.  PSG utilizes a Corporate wide Operating Philosophy based on “Total Customer Satisfaction”.  Quality and performance accomplishments are judged by our Customers Level of Satisfaction.  We’ve implemented management principles which seamlessly integrate customer requirements with our operational, functional structure and corporate objectives.  

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