Past Projects

Past Projects

Management & Corporate Experience:  PSG possesses a highly qualified senior management and employee team, we are supported by industries most qualified Subject Matter Experts (SME’s).  We own a proven history in developing/deploying advanced, innovative, cost-effective, integrated solutions, securing some of the world’s most Critical Assets (1,400 + locations globally). We are a solutions provider on numerous global Nuclear Programs and Critical Infrastructure Protection (CIP) applications.  Over 200 years of seasoned management experience in the integrated security solutions market. We are able to provide robust and capable leadership supporting 24/7 mission-critical applications.  PSG’s advanced, integrated video solution (VMS) is Nuclear Certified (PL1N – PL4) and deployed globally.

Barksdale Air Force Base (Bossier City, LA) At the premier USAF B-52 Bomber Wing, PSG provided on-site, long-term security system maintenance for intrusion detection, access control and video. Home of the USAF Global Strike Command, and the historic “Mighty Eighth Air Force.”

Beale Air Force Base (Marysville, CA) PSG installed the intrusion detection and access control systems that alarmed and video facilities/areas.

Ellsworth Air Force Base (Rapid City, SD) At the home of the B-1 bomber in Rapid City, South Dakota, PSG designed and installed an integrated base-wide security system. The security system comprised intrusion detection, access control, and the VICADS® Video Management System.

Langley Air Force Base (Hampton, VA) At the home of the USAF Air Combat Command in Virginia, PSG implemented an IP-based security system that enabled migration of base-wide intrusion detection and access control from an aging copper telephone-based system onto the base LAN.

Schriever Air Force Base; Cheyenne Mountain Air Force Station & Peterson Air Force Base (Colorado Springs, CO) PSG designed and installed a VICADS® Video Management System that supports 200 surveillance cameras at the Schriever AFB. PSG’s security solution provides long-term system flexibility and infinite expansion for a system that supports the 50th Space Wing.

Seymour Johnson Air Force Base (Goldsboro, NC) PSG installed the intrusion detection and access control systems that protect the base alarmed facilities and video via our VICADS VIDEO Management System.

Shaw Air Force Base (Sumter, SC) At the headquarters for the Air Force Central Command in Sumter, South Carolina, PSG installed the intrusion detection, access control systems and video that protect points of entry, the airfield, flight line, and aircraft parking ramps.

Vandenberg Air Force Base (Lompoc, CA) PSG designed and installed a robust, integrated base-wide, fully redundant VICADS® video surveillance security system in two phases at the Vandenberg AFB in Lompoc, California. These projects support the critical Air Force Space Command installation, including multiple space launch areas.