Video Management System

Video Management System V-100 “All Things Video” VMS:  Utilizes PSG PL1N certified VICADS® software running on the cyber secure Linux OS High Performance Computing (HPC) Cluster. This provides ease of integration to 3rd party video feeds such as WISP, C-sUAS, Ghost Robotics, Drones, Long-Range/wide angle cameras, FLIR and Radar. Thus eliminating stove-piping of multiple C2 components into the BDOC.Continue reading “Video Management System”

Cyber Security Solutions

Cyber Security Solutions Cyber Security is a rapidly evolving threatand versatility is key to addressing thisgrowing concern. Our Centralized CyberSecurity Solution (CSS) provides a hostingplatform for IT deployments designed for anintegrated suite of tools managing cybercompliance in the local environment. Information Security is a dynamic processand requires a thorough approach to thecontinuous monitoring and managementContinue reading “Cyber Security Solutions”

High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)

High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC) Our HPC Cluster Big Data architecture and a Zero Trust methodology provide high availability, cloud compatible, and low cost systems for use in next generation PL1N-PL4 applications.   PSG brings PKI   authentication to IOT devices and sensors (via Scene Authentication and DESI).  Robust, reliable, low-cost, cloud compatible for use in next generation PL1N – PL4Continue reading “High Performance Computing Cluster (HPC)”

Scene Authentication

Scene Authentication The Industry’s First 100% secure, Encrypted, Tamper Proof, and Verifiable Video Data Acquisition Solution. Providing End-to-End Protection of Video Signals from the target scene to the Display and/or Storage Points. This eliminates ‘Spoofing’, Replay Attacks and Tampering with Stored Video Data and protects the Analog Input/IP Outputs. Metadata that can Prove, THAT Camera at THAT Place and at THAT Point inContinue reading “Scene Authentication”

Universal Field Panel (UFP-DESI)

Universal Field Panel (UFP-DESI) A COTS low cost, DESI-compatible IDS/ACS field panel.  Utilizes open standard architecture and IoT compute modules for secure data acquisition and control. TAA-compliant, scalable beyond 96 inputs and provides authenticated data from edge devices to the BDOC. Digitally Encrypted Security Interface (DESI) PSG has developed a module that replaces the traditional supervised loop end ofContinue reading “Universal Field Panel (UFP-DESI)”

Command and Control (C2)

Command and Control (C2) National Command & Control is critical for protecting and ensuring our nation’s security and prosperity by monitoring and responding to world events and ensuring organizational structure that ensures ultimate lawful military orders.  Various parts of this infrastructure are made up of personnel, facilities, data & assets, which must be secured individuallyContinue reading “Command and Control (C2)”