Department of Defense (DoD)

Department of Defense (DoD) PSG is the certified industry leader in design, development, deployment, and support for VMS (Video Management Systems).  Our Cyber Secure and Nuclear Certified Video Image Control and Display System (VICADS®) is an advanced, state-of-the-art, critical asset security. VICADS® delivers high definition (1080p) real time video, FIPS encryption and control data forContinue reading “Department of Defense (DoD)”

Department of Energy (DOE)

Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Complexes – DOE. Integrating solutions with leading physical security information management (PSIM), intrusion & access control systems, all combined with PSG nuclear certified VICADS® Video Management System (VMS). We ensure the “Security in Depth” for any given nuclear power plant operator. VICADS® integration with Perimeter Intrusion Detection and Assessment SystemsContinue reading “Department of Energy (DOE)”

Air and Sea Ports

Air and Sea Ports As an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) and systems integrator, PSG offers fully integrated security solutions including integrated intrusion and access control systems, CCTV and surveillance solutions featuring our VICADS® Video Management System (VMS). Cameras are the leading security force multiplier in today’s security systems environment. When combined with PSG’s exclusive patentedContinue reading “Air and Sea Ports”

Department of Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security PSG provides video management solutions and alarm & access control platforms that help protect and secure borders, personnel, and resources.  We have developed certified and approved US DoD hardened platforms specifically designed for harsh and remote locations. PSG’s video management solutions will interface to numerous camera systems ranging from sophisticated thermal, infra-red,Continue reading “Department of Homeland Security”