PSG Acquires LINX Defense

Prometheus Security Group Global (PSG) acquires LINX Defense:



January 6, 2022:

“Best of Breed” PSG’s PL1N-certifed Video Management System (VMS) and the LINX Defense PL1N-certifed Command and Control (C2) platforms have merged.  Leveraging a $50M investment PSG now offers the most cyber secure, end-to-end critical asset security solution on the globe.

“Secure integration and authenticated data from the edge to the C2 was the critical next step, the LINX Defense acquisition allows us to leverage a combined R&D investment to accomplish this for the benefit of our nations Critical Asset and Infrastructure base”  said Rick Gross – President & CEO of PSG

Via an open and flexible platform, this combined solutions approach integrates with virtually any Government Off-the-Shelf (GOTS) Common Operating Picture (COP) or future C2 platform (i.e., IBDSS-DMDC3-PICARD, JADC2, ABMS, C2IMERA, etc.).  The solutions architecture is built upon PSG’s authenticated data to the edge with two of their 2021 “industry first” breakthroughs;  UFP-DESI – a Zero Trust, end-to-end Open Architecture from edge sensors to Operations Centers and, their Scene Authentication – an encrypted, tamper proof, verifiable video data solution provides proof the viewed imagery was from:  THAT Camera – at THAT Place – at THAT Point in Time.

“Critical Asset customers now have a single point for GSA procurement, installation, logistical support and complete turn-key solutions.  Our combined team’s expertise provides a rapid, low cost, seamless integration for hosting the LINX PL1N C2 software suite in a next generation cyber secure end-to-end solution.  We are excited to be part of this team” stated Dianna Goss – CEO of LINX Defense

These solution portfolios create a cost-competitive, rapid modernization approach for existing and future critical asset PL1N customers.  The LINX C2 will be virtualized, hosted, and powered by a robust, cyber secure Linux High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster able to leverage PSG’s VMS and UFP-DESI to a data lake which allows authorized data mining and fusion (via AI/ML) of all IDS, ACS, and Video events.  This includes complex systems such as Ground Based Radars (GBR), FLIR, specialized long-range cameras and UAS video feeds, helping optimize operations, identify malicious attacks, and enable security forces responses.

About:   PSG has been in the global critical asset market for over 30 years and is considered Best of Breed.  They have developed multiple industry firsts, hold multiple patents, PL1N certifications, Authority-To-Operates (ATOs), RMF accreditations, AES-RSA signing, global OEM agreements with Hewlett Packard, Dell, etc.  PSG is GSA approved TAA, NDAA, NIST-FIPS PKI, PACS, FICAM compliant, program-contract holders for numerous Government Agencies.  PSG Contact – 512-247-3700.  3019 Alvin Devane Blvd #400, Austin, Texas 78741. and