Universal Field Panel (UFP-DESI)

Universal Field Panel (UFP-DESI)

A COTS low cost, DESI-compatible IDS/ACS field panel.  Utilizes open standard architecture and IoT compute modules for secure data acquisition and control. TAA-compliant, scalable beyond 96 inputs and provides authenticated data from edge devices to the BDOC.

The universal field panel (UFP) is a new generation of open architecture secure IoT devices that provide a solution for integrated data gathering and control from the edge to the enterprise.  The UFP consists of a gateway and a mixture of optional expansion modules which implement the physical security mission.  The solution combines intrusion detection, access control and industrial data gathering controls into an extremely cost-effective footprint. The UFP leads the way to the cloud with trustworthy authenticated data. 

The UFP product line is designed with a Cyber Security mindset and delivers a rich set of current security tools including but not limited to support for Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG), Trusted Platform Module (TPM 2.0), secure boot, secure key storage for communications and a rich encryption and authentication stack.  When combined with The Digital Encrypted Security Interface (DESI) a revolutionary approach for upgrading current security and control interfaces for gathering authenticated, confidential data from the edge. 

The UFP also brings an Open Architecture platform concept to the edge computing needs of the security mission.  Instead of proprietary field panels, the UFP is truly open, providing database, computing and container services allowing hosting of third-party applications (COTS/GOTS). With an already secure computing environment, the UFP enables modernization of sensing and control applications such as Intrusion Detection, Burglary Systems, Access Control, Fire, SCADA, Building Controls and more.

Digitally Encrypted Security Interface (DESI)

PSG has developed a module that replaces the traditional supervised loop end of line resistor or the simple switched voltage relay controls with a state-of-the-art miniaturized computational element located within the security device housing.  The Digital Encrypted Security Interface (DESI) is a revolutionary approach for upgrading current security and control interfaces and gathering authenticated, confidential data from the Edge.  DESI is deployed over the existing infrastructure and provides data authentication and confidentiality. DESI extends data protection right to the fielded security component.  DESI provides true edge to cloud trustworthy, authenticated, and encrypted data.