PSG Unveils Cyber Secure Platform

June 11, 2021:

A Cyber Security Management (used as a stand-alone or integrated solution). Our Certified C3 V100 software operates on a Linux High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster with an open-standard “plug-and-play” system architecture.

Requested by our customers, PSG’s agile R&D development has developed and is now rolling out advanced “future ready” solutions maximizing existing installed (legacy) equipment/infrastructure while introducing advanced COTS/GOTS technology with new PKI security to the edge providing authenticated data to the users. With a focus on security, reliability, TAA and NDAA compliance, USAF C3 and DOE testing, PSG delivers a low-risk, COTS/GOTS compatible modernization capability, greatly reduced cost, BDOC rack space, power and logistics. The secure, scalable data lake provides authorized access for artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools, enabling advanced data fusion and mining by third parties. We include a robust geo-server-based Geographic Information System (GIS) capable of hosting any GUI system enabling accurate geospatial intelligence, IDS-ACS-Video. 

We are providing our customers and industry professionals a preview regarding the pending release of these multiple advanced new technologies.

To request PSGs Next Generation 3 Page White-paper — (Click Here)