PSG expands capabilities with Industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

PSG expands capabilities with Industry Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

 JUNE 7, 2021

PSG offers a world class team of subject matter experts (SMEs).  Combining our PL1N Certified products and services with SMEs we deliver technologically advanced systems at an economical cost for some of the world’s most critical asset locations providing protection and peace of mind. Products range from complex enterprise-wide C2 solutions to stand-alone custom projects that focusing on:

Subject Matter Experts:

  • Skill Sets include:
    • Physical Protection
    • Protection Force (Pro-Force)
    • System Engineering & Analysis
      • Cyber Security Architects (CISSP)
    • Agile Software Development and Test at our SIL & Testing Facility
  • DoE/DoD Testing & Certification:
    • Technological Research
    • Development
    • Evaluation
    • Physical Security Training
  • Focus Areas:
    • High Performance Computing (HPC) w/Hybrid Cloud Access 
    • Cyber Secure Data Lake for AI/ML analytics
    • Data Fusion
    • Network Communications (ANY Comm.)
    • Common Operating Picture (COP – C2) (ANY C2)
    • Advanced Integration
    • Advanced Sensors (ANY)
    • Authenticated Edge Devices (DESI)

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, serving global customers PSG is a certified SBA supplier to the General Services Administration (GSA) serving the U.S. Federal Government with Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS)  and advanced integrations for Government Off the Shelf (GOTS) Security Products and Services.  A global Certified TAA and NDAA compliant, OEM partner with HP and Dell. We work extensively w/U.S. Fed-Gov, DoD, Agencies, Services, holds requisite Authority to Operate (ATO’s), Risk Management Framework (RMF) and numerous required Certifications/Qualifications across a wide range of Critical Asset Customers.